Festivals Of Bhutan

Paro valley

Magnificent mountains, spectacular scenery and colourful festivals
Protected by the mighty Himalaya, the isolated kingdom of Bhutan is an unforgettable place to visit. The landscape is stunning, with steep forested hills and misty mountains rising from fast flowing rivers. However it's the fascinating culture that makes this country unique, boasting several colourful annual festivals. At these festivals hundreds gather to see the monks, dressed in brightly coloured robes, perform ritual dances. For several days there are masked dances and prayer meetings, and a general carnival atmosphere prevails. On the spring departure we will visit the Paro Festival, which culminates with the unfurling of a giant Thanka, whilst in June we visit the lesser known Nimalung and Kurjey festivals. We also see all the main sights in and around Paro and Thimpu, as well as the superb Dzongs (fortresses) that dot the valleys and hilltops.

National Museum, Paro

Nepal & Bhutan Discoverer:

Travel through the magical lands of Nepal and Bhutan, the mountain abode of the gods Travel to the abode of the gods - the mountain lands of Nepal and Bhutan. The mighty Himalaya straddles some of the most spectacularly beautiful countries, crowned by snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys. Nepal is a former kingdom with old towns that are awashed with history, where the stone and intricate lattice-works hide centuries of religious and political intrigue. The mighty Annapurnas form a majestic backdrop to terraced valleys, whilst the lush Chitwan National Park is home to magnificent wildlife including the great Indian rhino. Bhutan has long been an enigma, due to its isolation. Visitors now are beginning to discover the wonders of this magical kingdom where quality of life is measured in 'gross national happiness'. With its Buddhist monasteries, mountains, valleys, lakes and secluded hamlets, one can also add spirituality and beauty to all that.


  • Bhutan’s beautiful valleys
  • Chew on a local delicacy, Bhutan
  • Gawp at Taktsang Monastery - The Tigers Nest
  • Paro, Western Bhutan
  • Tashichho Dzong

Bhutan's Sacred Summit Trek:

Remote trails, unique culture, high passes and magical mountain views Druk Yul means 'Land of the Thunder Dragon', the local name for the country known to the world as Bhutan. It lies in the heart of the vast Himalaya and to both its west and east, rugged mountain ranges stand between it and the hill districts of India. Towering to the northwest, the stark and dramatic mountains of the Chomolhari Range form the frontier with Tibet. Very few visitors have entered this tiny Himalayan kingdom and even fewer have been privileged to trek into her high mountains. Of the few areas open to trekkers and climbers the route to the base camp of Chomolhari (7314m), the sacred mountain of Bhutan, is probably the most aesthetically beautiful. Bhutan is not just about scenery and unbelievable mountains; it is also about friendly people and an enduring and living Buddhist faith with magnificent monasteries, rich religious traditions and about a turbulent past. The great fortresses or 'dzongs' found throughout the country are mute testimony to the wars, sieges and attempted invasions in times gone by. Today the country is a stable and peaceful kingdom where the king is revered and the economy is measured in 'Gross National Happiness'! Trekking through the dense forests, walking above the tree line with the nomadic yak herders, enjoying rare sightings of musk deer and blue sheep, and standing beneath the dramatic ice peaks of Chomolhari - these all make this one of the most rewarding treks in the entire Himalaya.

Punakha Dzong
Buddhist festival

Bhutan: Land Of The Thunder Dragon:

A spectacular trek combined with the cultural highlights of Bhutan
Visit Bhutan with its unique cultural heritage, a place where only a lucky few get to explore its incredible trekking routes. Our journey gives us an insight into Bhutanese life by visiting attractive towns with their splendid dzongs  (monasteries/forts) and easy trekking along a classic Himalayan route. The four day trek follows the ancient high level route between Paro and Thimpu. We trek through splendid rhododendron forests, crossing several passes including the Phume La. En route we pass yak herders settlements and camp beside clear blue mountain lakes with splendid views of the peaks which border Tibet including Gangar Punsum and Jichudrake. In Paro we visit to Takstang Monastery and in Thimpu we visit the impressive Tashichodzong. The spring and autumn departures visit the Paro or Thimpu festivals respectively

Woman and Girls in Darjeeling
Tea Leaf Picking in Sikkim, Northern India