Islands of Adventure

An island of Adventure is a theme park located in Orlando, Florida. It was opened in 1999 as an expansion to the Universal Orlando Resort and City Walk areas.

The park comprises six distinct "islands", each having its own theme.

Google Android Update

In reality, this just makes it easier for Apple users in China to pay for their software applications for iPhone, iPads and iPods. App consumers who bank in China can now make their payments to an App Store account to buy games and other downloads. Previously, they had to convert their yuan to dollars, a formidable task in China where the currency exchange is government controlled.Apple’s revenue from mainland China rose to a little more than $13 billion. This accounts for about 12% of Apple’s overall business. China is the kingpin of Apple’s manufacturing. Nearly all of its iPhones and other gadgets are assembled in Chinese factories and then shipped worldwide.Google Android Update
Apple is likely to use the yuan to pay its employees and suppliers in China. Apple hopes to sell millions more Apps in China through its App Store because of the change. Apple ranks #4 for the time being in smart-phones sold in China at almost 22 million in the third quarter of 2011.According to ABI Research, the current market leaders in mobile wallets have strong competition succeeding to take their market share. The current leaders in mobile wallets are Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Vodafone.Mobile wallets include any system that a consumer uses to pay for goods with a smart-phone. Many mobile wallets use near-field communications (NFC) technology. Isis won’t launch until 2012 and is an joint venture with AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile.ABI Research expects mobile wallet users to grow in number to 594 million by 2016. It expects that the cell-phone carriers and Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Research in Motion will inundate the mobile wallet market with NFC-capable mobile phones in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and South Korea.Google Wallet currently lets users in San Francisco and New York City purchase and pay for goods at retailers such as Macy’s and Toys R UApple, which has yet to officially launch a mobile wallet services, is rumored to be readying its phones with payment-making NFC sensors and software in 2012.

Dog Training

Training a dog takes time and patience and, just as with children, every dog is different and will learn at its own pace.Dog TrainingKeeping a pet dog is a huge commitment and responsibility; they require shelter, a balanced diet, daily exercise, veterinary care and training.  Upon bringing a new dog into your family there are many things you will need to consider.

 A good place to start is by taking your dog to the vet to make sure that all of his vaccinations are up to date and to talk about the basics of dog care.


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Party Balloons

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Birthday gift

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birthday gift

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Declare your love with a personal message with this beautiful necklace. the gift that will make your loved one feel sensational. Give him or her a love letter that they can wear close.
Message on a Necklace is the romantic gift that will make your loved on feel sensational. Give him or her a love letter that they can wear close to their heart. It's about 'Message on a necklace'.Surprised?Yes thats really true.

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love poem

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Anniversary gifts

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Hindu Kush Mountain Biking

Nature of Trip:Mountain Biking
Accommodation:Hotel and Camping
Transportation:Mountain Bikes
Best Time:April-October
Max Altitude:3200m

This is an adventure on its own. Among the beautifully snow-caped mountains, through the fertile lands and fields of Hunza Valley and with the unique cultures of Hindu Kush mountains,
we bike through some of the most spectacular mountain valleys. Biking on the un-paved roads, the actual mountain biking starts at the spectacular valley of Dir from here we climb up and down the Lowary Pass and bike through the breath taking sceneries of Chitral Valley.

At Kalash, we meet with the Kafirs, who are said to be the descendants of Alexander the Great’s Army and have an old life style. Here, you have a chance of meeting a rich yet old culture that still exists in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Again, climbing up-wards we reach at the Worlds Highest Polo Field The Shandur Pass and we bike through the Ghazar and Punial valleys visiting people and their cultures reaching Gilgit.

From Gilgit we bike through some of Asia’s historical suspension bridges to enter into the legendary Karakoram Highway, which falls into Karimabad, the Capital of former Hunza State. Here, we meet people of many different cultures, who have been living in the mountains for centuries.

They enjoy welcoming guests to their homeland with smiling faces. In Hunza we visit to the ancient Altiti and Baltit Forts standing on mountain cliffs. The Hunzukuts are the inhabitants of the beautiful Hunza Valley, which Eric Shipton called “Hunza the ultimate manifestation of mountain grandeur”. In this part of the world, Hunzukuts are the most popular for their hospitality and longevity. On our journey back to Islamabad, we visit some of ancient rock carvings at Shatial.

World's Most Beautiful Buildings

Take a tour of the world’s most beautiful buildings, from Kansas City to India.

These are the world’s most beautiful buildings? Are you kidding?

A hundred years ago, naming the world’s most beautiful buildings was easy: the Parthenon. Sure. The Taj Mahal. Absolutely. Hagia Sophia. No argument. But now, in part because the whole notion was chewed up and spit out by those troublemaking Modernists, we’re just learning to think about architecture in terms of beauty again. It’s open season.

Certain themes are evident in our choices of the world’s most beautiful buildings. We love buildings surrounded by water; the interaction between water and daylight is always magical. (Why do you think the Lincoln Memorial has a reflecting pool at its doorstep?) And we are head over heels for flamboyant uses of pattern and color. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, for example, is positively psychedelic.

So are we consistent? Nope. But however capricious our choices may seem, we don’t take beauty lightly. After all, the ongoing search for beauty is what travel is all about. It’s certainly the best reason we know to leave the house.

ICMC at Brandenburg Technical University

Cottbus, Germany

While many architects prefer the smoothest, clearest glass, Swiss firm Herzog & de Meuron specializes in texture. This technologically sophisticated university library, in an obscure corner of Eastern Germany, is clad in frosted glass—and embossed with letters from the world’s alphabets. Shaped like an amoeba, with its central spiral staircase in bright magenta and green, the seven-story building looks like a carnival ride.

Sagrada Família


Visionary Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí spent more than 40 years of his life on this glorious, chaotically complex, and still unfinished Gothic-Art Nouveau cathedral. After his untimely death in 1926 (he was hit by a streetcar), his associates continued his sculptural masterwork, and despite the fact that the original drawings were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War, construction continues today. Completion is scheduled for sometime between 2017 and 2026.

Authenticity Alert: The east-facing Nativity façade was the only one completed by Gaudí himself.

Burj Al Arab

Dubai, UAE

This 60-story sail-shaped hotel, which sits on its own private island, was designed to be a national icon. But the interior is where the beauty lies: a nearly 600-foot-tall atrium—the world’s tallest. The undersides of tier after tier of semicircular balconies reveal a spectrum of colors. And the tower’s powerful diagonal braces, like the flying buttresses of the past, inspire awe.

Insider Tip: Non-guests can gain access to the Burj Al Arab’s private island by booking a meal at one of its restaurants; try afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar or a buffet lunch at Junsui.

Institute for Sound and Vision

Hilversum, The Netherlands

The work of Jaap Drupsteen, the graphic artist responsible for the building-size media collage, used to be everywhere in the Netherlands. This building is his comeback. Along with architecture firm Neutelings Riedijk, he covered the façade of the massive media archive and museum with images from Dutch television, abstracted into a giant four-sided mural and baked directly onto cast glass. The effect is stunning inside and out.

Experiential Beauty: Tour the history of Dutch broadcasting, or simply gaze up at the stained glass from a table at the atrium’s Grand Café.

The Golden Temple

Amritsar, India

This most sacred Sikh shrine sits in the middle of what was once a wooded lake. The Buddha came here to meditate, and so did Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh faith, some 2,000 years later. The Harimandir, or “Temple of God,” was built and destroyed many times before the current version was erected in the late 1700s. The radiance of this gilded building, a mixture of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles, is amplified by reflections in the surrounding water and the devotional music that emanates from the temple day and night.

Night Owls Welcome: The temple is open 20 hours a day, from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. daily, and is illuminated (and especially lovely) at night.

National Congress Hall

Brasilia, Brazil

Brasilia probably works better as a Modernist sculpture garden than as a city, but if there is one piece of it that best represents the whole, it’s Congress Hall. Architect Oscar Niemeyer’s colonnaded marvel, with its grand sci-fi entrance ramp, skinny twin towers, and two bowl-shaped meeting halls (one for the Chamber of Deputies and one for the Federal Senate), treats the business of government as a monumental work of art.

Not Just Skin Deep: Go inside and check out the Green Hall (named for the color of the carpet and the Brazilian flag), with its collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative screens by renowned Brazilian artists.

The Guggenheim

Bilbao, Spain

The Frank Gehry–designed, titanium-clad phenomenon that upstaged the Guggenheim’s Frank Lloyd Wright transformed the way the world understands architecture, art museums, and the strategies for reviving depressed industrial cities. Today, the shiny undulating museum doesn’t look as shocking as it once did, but it does embody a certain kind of late 20th-century thinking—the thrill of formal complexity and high art.

Small Is Beautiful: Alternatively, we could make a case for Frank Gehry’s first major building, the diminutive white Vitra Museum in Weil am Rhein, Germany.

The Chrysler Building

New York City

Designed by architect William van Alen, the Chrysler’s shiny, filigreed Art Deco spire is the most indispensable piece of the New York City skyline, perfectly balancing the primal thrust of the classic American skyscraper with the desire for a little bling. (It was the world’s tallest for less than a year in 1931 before that zeppelin-masted tower eight blocks south took the spotlight.) Day or night, its stainless-steel crown still dazzles like nothing else.

Icon Alert: This is possibly the only building in the world that is decorated with automotive hood ornaments: the big eagles on the 61st floor were copied from a 1929 Chrysler.

Mont St. Michel

Normandy, France

Though not as lavish as some landlocked cathedrals, this abbey is certainly the most dramatically situated, enjoying prime real estate just off the coast of Normandy. The first abbey was built in 709, with construction continuing for hundreds of years. Spurning the safety of the causeway (built in 1879 and currently being reconstructed), pilgrims still scamper across the sands at low tide to reach the Mont, and risk being overtaken by fast-moving waters.

Dining Tip: Try the agneau de pré-salé, a local specialty made from meat from the lambs that graze on the nearby salt meadows.

Nelson-Atkins Museum’s Bloch Building

Kansas City, MO

Unlike many modern additions to historic museums, Steven Holl’s 21st-century companion doesn’t overwhelm the 1933 Beaux Arts original. His string of iridescent frosted-glass boxes pop out of the grassy lawn—they are absolutely magical at dusk when they begin to glow—and filter sunlight into a series of dramatic underground galleries.

Adventure Achivers

Photo: Roz Savage rows across the Pacific Ocean

The Rower

Photograph by Phil Uhl
Rower and ocean advocate Roz Savage took 2.5 million oarstrokes to become the first woman to cross the Pacific Ocean, solo. She'd already done the Atlantic. Next up? The Indian Ocean.
Photo: Martin Wilekski in a speedboat on a lake

The Tracker

Photograph courtesy Martin Wikelski
Behavioral ecologist Martin Wikelski tracks animal migrations across the world—everything from flying foxes in Africa to bumblebees in Germany. His research may help predict earthquakes and tsunamis. Here he's seen tracking mallards on Lake Constance in the Alps.
Photo: Edurne Pasaban climbs to summit of Kangchenjunga

The Alpinist

Photograph couresty Edurne Pasaban Collection
After battling her way to the summit of K2, Edurne Pasabán lost pieces of her big toes. This year, Pasabán became one of the first women to stand atop the world's 14 8,000-meter peaks, including Kangchenjunga (pictured) in the

Sixteen year-old Australian round-the-world sailor, Jessica Watson, waves to a flotilla of well-wishers as her yacht 'Ella's Pink Lady' crosses the official finish line at the entrance to Sydney Harbour on May 15, 2010. Jessica took 210 days to become the youngest sailor ever to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world having sailed out of Sydney Heads on October 18, 2009.  AFP PHOTO / Torsten BLACKWOOD (Photo credit should read TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

The Circumnavigator

Photograph by Torsten Blackwood, AFP/Getty Images
Sailor Jessica Watson circumnavigated the globe single-handedly, without stopping, before her 17th birthday. Here she is seen on her triumphant return to Sydney Harbor, Australia, where she was greeted by tens of thousands of fans.

Photo: Leven Brown instructs his row team on the boat

The Oarsman

Photograph by Amory Ross, Artemis Ocean Rowing
Skipper Leven Brown and his four-man team rowed across the Atlantic Ocean faster than anyone this summer, breaking a record that stood for 114 years. Here they are seen training in one of the world's busiest waterways, New York City's Hudson River.

Photo: Plastiki sailboat floating on the ocean

The Voyager

Photograph by The Plastiki Team
Eco-crusader David de Rothschild sailed a 60-foot sailboat made of 12,500 plastic bottles across the Pacific Ocean in a quixotic, and groundbreaking, journey. Here the catamaran sails off the coast of Fiji.
Photo: Jamie Mitchell seen riding a wave on his paddleboard inside curl

The Paddler

Photograph by Jody MacDonald
Australian paddleboarder Jamie Mitchell won the epic race across Hawaii's Molokai Channel for the ninth year in a row. He's also the ambassador for a sport in the throes of its breakout moment: stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Here he's seen paddleboard surfing the Maldives in pursuit of the world's best waves.

Photo: Alex Honnold solo climbs El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

The Climber

Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora
Climber Alex Honnold spent two weeks in Yosemite crushing speed records up 3,000-foot El Capitan and iconic Half Dome, at one point soloing both in a single, 11-hour stretch. Here he is seen freesoloing the Nose on El Cap.

Photo: Matt Moniz descending from summit of Mt. Rainier

Kid Climber

Photograph courtesy Matt Moniz
Twelve-year-old Matt Moniz climbed to the highest point in all 50 United States this summer, in record speed. He's also an outspoken advocate for getting kids into the outdoors. He's seen here descending Washington's Mount Rainer.

Mountaineering in Pakistan

In post independent days in 1947, number of expeditions to this area recorded an increase. In 1953 a US expedition took the initiative of an attempt on K-2 but remained unsuccessful. Anyway an Italian expedition led by Prof. Ardito Desio successfully went for the first ascent of the extremely fierce mountain - K-2.

In Turkish language Karakoram means "black" this excellent and impressive set of dark brown and black variety of rocks in very rare mountain range. It houses the largest collection of very high pinnacles and mountains in the world stretched for 400 kms. This concentration has 250 kms depth. It is surrounded by Shyok River in the East and Karamber, Ishkuman and Gilgit Rivers in the the West.

Then it is surrounded by the Shaksgan River in the North East and by Shyok and the Indus Rivers in the South West. Karakoram has special significance for its fractujred rocks, guarding vertical characteristics and very sharp angled slopes offersing great challenge to mountaineers and adventure lovers.
 Four summits above 8000 meters i.e., K-2, Gasherbrum I and II as well as Broad Peak exist in Karakoram in an area of only 20 kms encircling the re;puted glacial junction - Concordia. Boltoro, Soltoro, Lupghar, Khunjerab, Panmah, Aghil, Masherbrum, Saser, Hispar, Siachin, Rino, Batura, Raka;poshi/Bagrot and Haramosh are the sub-regions of the Karakoram.
This region has variable snow line ranging between 4200 to 4500 meters during the summer season.
The temperatures in the area are extremely varied with large difference between lowest and highest mercury in a day. There is no penetration of Monsoons in this area. From May till end of September, each year is the most viable season to go for climbing in Karakoram. However climbing during winter kis possible. Apart from towering mountains, Karakoram house largest glaciers beyond the polar regions.

The Hindukush stand high in the west of Pamirs. Considerably it stretches from Wakhjir pass at the conjunction of pamirs and Karakoram to Khawak pass in the north of Kabul. First part of it goes beyond Wakhjir pass up to Dorah pass (320 kms long) and separates Hunza from Wakhan. Its second is satuated on the other side of Dorah pass in Afghanistan. The third region with 240 kms length is located in Pakistan stretching into swat and Kohistan.

 Eastward, the Indus River separates it from Karakoram. Thich Mir (7492m), Darban Zom (7219m) and Shingeik Zom are the other peaks of the area. There are few glaciers in the range but these less significant. Because of geographic qualities this area has accessibility to Afghanistan and in 1830 it was first discovered by Europeans and then by the survey teams from Britain. British survey teams had attempted to climb Tirchmir and other summits in the area dating back in 1927. However in 1950 a Norwegian expedition comprising of nationals of different countries along with Pakistanis have scaled it. 

Other summits of the area were scaled afterwards i.e., in the sixties and seventies. Though almost all the peaks in the above 7000m in the Hindukush have already been scaled, still the goes on to attract mountaineers and those having love for nature. Lately other activities related to adventure tourism such as trekking and jeep safaris have shown considerable rise in the area.

Western Himalayas:

The western Himalayas is located between valley of Kashmir in the east to Indus River in the north and west and Nanga Parbat massif is dominating it. Highest peak of this chain stands at 8125m. the range includes Kashmir, Kaghan, Kohistan, Deosai and Chitral regions. Deosai plains existing at an altitude of about 4500m also dominate this range. These plains are full of flowers blossoming in the summer months, offering very charming scenery. The monsoon also blesses the area and summer is the climbing season. Recently to some extent winter climbing has also commenced.

Nanga Parbat set of peaks has various routes but Rupal (eastern face), Riakot/Fairy Meadows side (north western face), Diamer face(the western side) and the lengthy western Mazeno ridge are famous base camps. Europeans had explored it in late 19th century. Nanga Parbat region was first visited by the Schlagintweet brothers of Germany in 1854. Mr. A.F.Mummery led a British expedition which tried hard to pave the way on the southern and western slopes in 1985. A joint German and us expedition did try to get on Nanga Parbat in 1932. 

Afterwards German expeditions attempted it in 1937 and 1939 with heavy casualties, that why it is often called a German mount. However in 1953, a joint Austrian German expedition headed by Mr. Herlingkoffer successfully scaled this killer mountain. Mr. Hermann Buhl unprecedently making a solo attempt, became successful to get on the peak in 40 hours. Since then the summit has been scaled from all sides by several climbers like Mr. Reinhold Messener. He has climbed it on few occasions, Sher khan, Rajab shah, Mohammad-ullah and Att ul Haq were the first Pakistanis to climb Nanga Parbat in 1989.

Spantik Peak Base Camp Trek

Spantik Peak Base Camp Trek

Trip Nature:  Adventure
Transportation:  Air Conditioned & 4x4W Jeeps
Best Time: June - October
Max Altitude: 4977m
Trek Grade: Medium

Spantik Peak Base Camp is a popular playground for mountaineers attempting their first 7,000-meter peak in Karakoram. It is also known as Golden Peak & Ghenish Chhish. 

We undertake a 12-day strenuous round trek in the heart of Karakorum  approaching the base camp of this beautiful peak on forth day of our trek. Very few adventurers visit this part of Karakorum so we have the opportunity to experience the romantic wilderness of Karakoram in its prime form.