Adventure Achivers

Photo: Roz Savage rows across the Pacific Ocean

The Rower

Photograph by Phil Uhl
Rower and ocean advocate Roz Savage took 2.5 million oarstrokes to become the first woman to cross the Pacific Ocean, solo. She'd already done the Atlantic. Next up? The Indian Ocean.
Photo: Martin Wilekski in a speedboat on a lake

The Tracker

Photograph courtesy Martin Wikelski
Behavioral ecologist Martin Wikelski tracks animal migrations across the world—everything from flying foxes in Africa to bumblebees in Germany. His research may help predict earthquakes and tsunamis. Here he's seen tracking mallards on Lake Constance in the Alps.
Photo: Edurne Pasaban climbs to summit of Kangchenjunga

The Alpinist

Photograph couresty Edurne Pasaban Collection
After battling her way to the summit of K2, Edurne Pasabán lost pieces of her big toes. This year, Pasabán became one of the first women to stand atop the world's 14 8,000-meter peaks, including Kangchenjunga (pictured) in the

Sixteen year-old Australian round-the-world sailor, Jessica Watson, waves to a flotilla of well-wishers as her yacht 'Ella's Pink Lady' crosses the official finish line at the entrance to Sydney Harbour on May 15, 2010. Jessica took 210 days to become the youngest sailor ever to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world having sailed out of Sydney Heads on October 18, 2009.  AFP PHOTO / Torsten BLACKWOOD (Photo credit should read TORSTEN BLACKWOOD/AFP/Getty Images)

The Circumnavigator

Photograph by Torsten Blackwood, AFP/Getty Images
Sailor Jessica Watson circumnavigated the globe single-handedly, without stopping, before her 17th birthday. Here she is seen on her triumphant return to Sydney Harbor, Australia, where she was greeted by tens of thousands of fans.

Photo: Leven Brown instructs his row team on the boat

The Oarsman

Photograph by Amory Ross, Artemis Ocean Rowing
Skipper Leven Brown and his four-man team rowed across the Atlantic Ocean faster than anyone this summer, breaking a record that stood for 114 years. Here they are seen training in one of the world's busiest waterways, New York City's Hudson River.

Photo: Plastiki sailboat floating on the ocean

The Voyager

Photograph by The Plastiki Team
Eco-crusader David de Rothschild sailed a 60-foot sailboat made of 12,500 plastic bottles across the Pacific Ocean in a quixotic, and groundbreaking, journey. Here the catamaran sails off the coast of Fiji.
Photo: Jamie Mitchell seen riding a wave on his paddleboard inside curl

The Paddler

Photograph by Jody MacDonald
Australian paddleboarder Jamie Mitchell won the epic race across Hawaii's Molokai Channel for the ninth year in a row. He's also the ambassador for a sport in the throes of its breakout moment: stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Here he's seen paddleboard surfing the Maldives in pursuit of the world's best waves.

Photo: Alex Honnold solo climbs El Capitan in Yosemite National Park

The Climber

Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora
Climber Alex Honnold spent two weeks in Yosemite crushing speed records up 3,000-foot El Capitan and iconic Half Dome, at one point soloing both in a single, 11-hour stretch. Here he is seen freesoloing the Nose on El Cap.

Photo: Matt Moniz descending from summit of Mt. Rainier

Kid Climber

Photograph courtesy Matt Moniz
Twelve-year-old Matt Moniz climbed to the highest point in all 50 United States this summer, in record speed. He's also an outspoken advocate for getting kids into the outdoors. He's seen here descending Washington's Mount Rainer.


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