Gasherbrum II

Gasherbrum II (8035m) Altitude: 8035m
Base Camp Altitude: 5000
Location: Baltoro Glacier
Range: Karakoram
Ideal Duration: 50 Days
Best Time: June - August
No of Camps Required: 04 

Gasherbrum II (8035 m) 

Gasherbrum II, the last peak in eight thousand meter ranking, is situated on the North West of Baltoro Glacier, just besides Hidden Peak. Having spectacular neighborhood of K-2, Gasherbrum I, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum IV, Chogolisa and Golden Throne, Gasherbrum II attracts big number of Alpinists every year. It is an ideal peak to start high mountain climbing. The climb is not as difficult as Hidden Peak but still considered a worthy experience. Initial climb up to camp I has many crevasses.

The Austrian Karakoram Expedition led by Firtz Moravec made the summit through left Buttress of South Face (normal route) on July 8, 1956. The successful climbers were; Firtz Moravec, Josef Larch, and Hans Willenpart.

Reinhold Messner made a made the historic attempt by continuously traversing both Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II with his companion Has Kammerlander in 1984.

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