Trango Tower

Base Camp Altitude: 2900m
Location:Baltoro Glacier
Ideal Duration: 30 Days
Best Time:June-September
No of Camps Required:3-4

Trango Tower (6251m)

Trango Tower which is also called Nameless Tower is said to largest rock wall in the world. Al most ten routs have been explored so far. The hardest and most challenging route to the summit is South Pillar. The North West face is easier then other routes. South Pillar has 1000 meters of mixed and granite rock climbing.

Trango Tower was successfully climbed on July 8, 1976 by Mo Anthoine and Martin Boysen of United Kingdom via South West face. On September 20, 1989 well known rock climbers from Germany Kurt Albert and Wolfgang G├╝llich conquered South Pillar.


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