BROAD PEAK (8047m)

Altitude: 8047m 
Base Camp Altitude: 4800m 
Location: Baltoro Glacier 
Range: Karakoram 
Ideal Duration: 60 Days 
Best Time: 
June - August 
No of Camps Required: 04 

Broad Peak (8047 m) 

Broad Peak is so named for the breadth of its top but the locals call it Falchan Kangri. The height of main peak is 8,047m/26,401ft. It has also been called enormously triple-headed Breithorn (4,165m high three-headed peak of European Alps) of the Baltoro. More than 3150 meters ascent from the base camp on West 
Spur and North Ridge is on the scrambling weaves of snow and rock to the crest of Spur. The route beyond is entirely on glacier with occasional ice walls over 7500 meters. A well defined route leads from the Col at 7800 to the summit. 

As Austrian Expedition led by Marcus Schmuck reached the summit through West Face and North Ridge` without using oxygen on June 9, 1957. The successful climbers were; Marcus Schmuck, Fritz Wintersteller, Kurt Diemberger and Hermann Buhl.

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